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FORA established the ESCA Community Involvement and Outreach Program, an open and collaborative community engagement process responsive to citizen needs and concerns regarding munitions remediation. As part of this commitment, FORA established the Community Involvement and Outreach Program. This commitment to community involvement was guided by a set of ACCORD principles:

  •  A cknowledge: diverse views and voices

  •  C ommunicate: ongoing with stakeholders

  •  C omprehensive: education and information

  •  O pportunity: for active community participation

  •  esponsive: to personal communication/inquiries

  •  edicated: to an inclusive Community Involvement and Outreach Program

The Community Involvement and Outreach Program Plan (CIOP) describes FORA's involvement and outreach activities associated with MEC remediation on the ESCA parcels. The CIOP also serves as an addendum to the Army's Community Relations Plan.





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