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Welcome to the new ESCA website and our new look. The FORA ESCA RP has completed all planned investigation and fieldwork and is now beginning a new phase on the project. This phase will focus on documenting the results of our field activities and working, along with the Army, EPA, and DTSC, on closing out the ESCA properties and transferring the land to the local jurisdictions.

Many things will remain the same, such as our emphasis on safety, working to ensure that citizens still have access through the ESCA properties and onto BLM trails, and our ongoing communitication with the public about our progress.

As we look to the future we wanted a website that was more interactive and provided the public with easy access to our past activites, ongoing work and future events.

Under our Documents & Maps section you will find links to finalized documents and documents that are under review. There is also a list of upcoming documents for 2015.

The Fieldwork section has information on all of the individual ESCA Munitions Response Areas (MRA). The are separated out by groups and each MRA has a link to more detailed information about that particular site.

So, take a look around and then go to our contacts page where you can use the email feature and tell us what you think!

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