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FORA Issues Future East Garrison MRA Land Use Control Plan for Public Review

On October 15, 2018 FORA issued the Draft Land Use Control Implementation Plan / Operation and Maintenance Plan (LUCIP/OMP) for the Future East Garrison Munitions Response Area (MRA) (ESCA-0361) for public review and comment. The LUCIP/OMP lays out the process for implementing the final remedial actions presented in the Record of Decision for the Future East Garrison (ESCA-0360).

The comment period for the LUCIP/OMP extends from October 15, 2018 - November 15, 2018. During this time the public has an opportunity to review the document and provide written comments to FORA. When reviewing the LUCIP/OMP, remember that the remedy for the Future East Garrison MRA has already been chosen and finalized, the LUCIP/OMP provides the implementation plan for that remedy.


1. Document comments may be submitted to FORA in electronic format: or in hard copy format sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS) to: Fort Ord Reuse Authority, ESCA Remediation Program, 920 2nd Avenue, Suite A, Marina, CA 93933.

2. Comments transmitted electronically must be followed up with a hard copy sent through the USPS; see above for address.

3. Comments must reference the title of the document, for example:

Subject: Draft Land Use Control Implementation Plan / Operation and Maintenance Plan, Future East Garrison Munitions Response Area.

4. All electronic comments representing the position of an organization must have a cover letter on organizational letterhead.

5. Comments must be received by close of business on the designated comment period deadline (in this case, November 15, 2018) to be considered and filed in the Administrative Record. Electronic comments must be received by the comment deadline for inclusion in the document, provided FORA receives a hard copy.

6. FORA will still accept comments after the deadline, but cannot guarantee that they will be incorporated in the document or Administrative Record.

7. Still have questions? Please send us an email at either: or Or you may call us at 831-883-3672.

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